In the early days of western history, when the towns were lawless and life was cheap, the citizens needed men with courage who carried guns to tame the wild streets. These lawmen were recruited from the ranks of Gunfighters that roamed the west.

 When no one else would step up to the task of bringing criminals to justice, these Gunfighters did, and used guns as the tools of their trade. Hence, the original lawmen were born from Gunfighters.

 The Gunfighters MC was started on 12/10/05 by  a group of active and retired Law Enforcement Officers who have joined together to celebrate our Brotherhood. We accept all cruisers , party with supporting clubs and enjoy the brotherhood that has bonded us together.

 Some brothers are former members of other Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs that formed special bonds while working side by side at Ground Zero during the rescue/recovery detail of
9-11-01. We will always remain faithful to the oaths we have taken to uphold the law and serve the public.

 Although we come from different Law Enforcement Agencies, we are now all one and the same. We are The Gunfighters MC. 



Our Patch is made up of components, all of which have meaning. Although our colors are Black & White, we are all Blue.

Our Black & White colors represent the early radio car colors. "Black & White" has become a widely familiar term in the LE community and many of the local PD's are returning to those faithful colors.

The Skull represents our undying respect for all Law Enforcement Officers who have made the supreme sacrifice.

 The Hat represents the cover the original Gunfighters wore when they were paving the way for modern lawmen.

 The Guns represent the tools of our trade. Todays weapons are modern semi-auto, but our Patch shows the six-shooters the early Gunfighters armed themselves with.

 The Shield is worn by all but takes on many different shapes. The star is representative of the original Sheriff's badge worn by the first Gunfighters.

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